Conflict Management


Duration: 1 day

Learning how to embrace conflict can help us build greater understanding and more solid relationships—and experience greater professional success. This requires stronger self-awareness capabilities and a heightened level of trust. In the conflict management workshop, you’ll discover your emotional triggers and learn how to manage difficult encounters with diplomacy, tact, and credibility.

Key Takaways

  • Transferring your learning back to your work environment using job aids and other resources
  • Getting a handle on and gaining insights into your conflict management style through self-assessment
  • Role playing to practice techniques and new skills in a safe environment
  • Sharing of best practices for approaching conflict management


  • Experience higher performance levels
  • Build trust and credibility with colleagues and team members
  • Leverage potential conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations that enhance work relationships
  • Gain confidence in holding difficult conversations calmly and assertively
  • Manage conflict situations proactively
  • Increase your effectiveness in managing conflict

Who Should Attend

Business professionals who want to keep workplace conflict from derailing projects, killing productivity, and destroying morale.

Maximum Number of Attendees

A maximum of 15 attendees can participate simultaneously in this workshop.

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