Master Public Speaking


Duration: 1 day

Today, presentations and public speaking are very much a part of every executive’s responsibilities. Effective executive speaking is what distinguishes the successful professional from everyone else. Public speaking skills are not only critical to your success, but also to your individual and corporate image. In this workshop, you will learn techniques and tips on executive presentations to turn every presentation or public speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience.

Key Takaways

  • Apply tools to minimize discomfort and nervousness
  • Explain and use preparation methods to build confidence
  • Plan an opening, message delivery, and closing that have the greatest impact
  • Techniques to manage stress


  • Speak and think with greater clarity and purpose, stressing key ideas
  • Face an audience with confidence taking advantage of your own natural speaking style
  • Shape and organize your public speaking and presentations to persuade listeners getting the response and results that you want
  • Conquer fear of public speaking and stress
  • Make your performance skills, your sense of humor and your own personality work for you
  • Give impromptu and prepared speeches to the class and receive personalized feedback on executive presentations

Who Should Attend

Executives or individuals who wish to speak, present and communicate with poise, power and persuasion.

Maximum Number of Attendees

A maximum of 15 attendees can participate simultaneously in this workshop.

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