Productive Meetings


Duration: 1 day

Employees and executives spend almost half their time preparing for and participating in meetings. With poor planning and unclear agendas, meetings end up losing focus, time, energy, resources and money. The Productive Meetings workshop will provide you with skills and processes to run effective meetings, focus productively during the meeting and follow through successfully after the meeting with a clear course of action. Whether it’s managing a large project across teams, improving business communication or addressing difficult situations, you will benefit from skills to increase efficiency and accountability, and deliver more productive meetings.

Key Takaways

  • Initiate, plan and define the meeting’s purpose
  • Planning, organizing and preparing for all stages of a meeting
  • Craft a solid agenda
  • Roles within a meeting- getting others to contribute
  • Develop skills to manage and conduct productive meetings
  • Develop and use meeting ground rules
  • Review meetings for improvements
  • Learn techniques to practice counterproductive behavior


  • Offer strategies for balancing discussion, staying on track and managing participants
  • Provide suggestions for using agendas effectively
  • Tips for asking good questions

Who Should Attend

Any executive who is required to hold meetings; new managers, supervisors, team leaders, project managers and those who seek to improve motivation, productivity, participation and leadership skills through conducting well run, time-bound productive meetings

Maximum Number of Attendees

A maximum of 15 attendees can participate simultaneously in this workshop.

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