Sensory Branding


Duration: 1 day

We have moved from the era where buying a product was just as mundane and ritualistic as brushing your teeth. Buying is now a full-on experience, which finally results in the purchasing of a product. This is where sensory branding comes in. Companies are trying to turn their brand from a two-dimensional one to a five-dimensional one. What this statement means is that marketers and companies that employ them have realized that the more of the senses they integrate into their brand DNA, the more their brand will become memorable and favorable in the consumer’s mind by exploiting the full powers of those senses.

Key Takeaways

  • Assess various options for your brand
  • Realize what sensory scope works for your brand
  • Learn tips to formulate a sensory branding strategy to help your brand stand out from the crowd


  • Comprehending the scope of the senses
  • Understanding the actual power and potential use of each sense
  • Harnessing the strength of a holistic sensory strategy
  • Learning from the pioneers
  • Understanding the do’s and don’ts of sensory branding

Who Should Attend

Marketing teams and managers wishing to get a leg up on the market by using sensory branding to capture the attention of their customers in a non-invasive yet effective manner that has proven to make the consumer experience a blended and memorable one.

Maximum Number of Attendees

A maximum number of 12 attendees can participate simultaneously in this workshop.

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